Cover Reveal!

I’m so pleased to reveal my first-ever book cover! Bloomsbury hired a wonderful designer, Jenny Zemanek of Seedlings Design Studio, and this is what she came up with:

Dreamy, isn’t it? This is the design that brought a tear to my eyes when I saw the first draft in New York. I love the way the colours blend together, and that solar flare on my heroine’s shoulder adds a nice bit of warmth. And being fond of fonts, I think the ‘Afterlife’ text is perfect. One of the many things I’ve enjoyed about working with my editor is that she gave me a lot of input into cover’s overall look and feel. Jenny nailed everything on my ‘want’ list. (THANK YOU, JENNY! ) Check out the other covers she has created here. Ooh, and if you love stationery as much as I do, you’ll drool over her promo gallery.

Now, as for the actual book, I can announce that the release date is October 21. I’ll be spending that day blogging with Anna Campbell and the Romance Bandits. (Sounds like a band, right?). I’ll soon post details on upcoming interviews as well as a huge Paranormal Party that will be held on this very blog. I’m lining up some fabulous YA authors as my guests, and there will be giveaways galore.

Last week, I met with the Bloomsbury Sydney office. They were extremely generous with their time and their lamingtons! Not only that, they sent me off with a swag bag — books from fellow Australian author Marianne Curley, Sarah J. Maas, Joanna Rakoff, and Jenny McLachlan‘s awesomely titled Flirty Dancing. Thank you to all at the Bloomsbury Sydney office for making me feel so welcome and authorly!

I haven’t forgotten about the part 2 of my Merry-Go-Round series of blog posts! I’ll have that up soon…


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