Paranormal Party Guest – Amanda Ashby

The Paranormal Party rolls on! In case you’re wondering what’s going on here, I’ve asked some of my wonderful YA writer friends to help me celebrate the release of my debut book, This Is Your Afterlife. Right up until October 31, we’re sharing spooky stories and giving away prizes. 

My next guest is fellow Antipodean Amanda Ashby! Put your hands together for her!

It’s not just the alliteration in her name that makes Amanda adorable. She’s also funny and kind and wise. Even her emails to me are effortlessly amusing. She loves retro/vintage things, which brings her cool factor up to 50+. Amanda had me with her first book, You Had Me at Halo. Since then, she’s published in MG, YA, and has just nabbed a new women’s fiction contract for Dating the Guy Next Door. We were born in the same city (Brisbane) under the same star sign (Aries), we’ve presented workshops and swanned around in limos together. So, you see, Amanda and I are practically twins! Now she’s doing me the great honour of blogging with me during Paranormal Party Week-and-a-Bit. Please make sure you visit Amanda at her website and become her number one fan on Facebook.



Amanda Ashby

I’m so excited to be able to celebrate the release of Vanessa’s debut book and while I’m not sure of the protocol of bringing along sparkles and glitter to a Paranormal Party I couldn’t resist, so consider yourselves all covered in love-heart confetti!  And now, since this is Vanessa’s party and her wish is for us to talk about things that go bump in the night, I’d better get going on.

Here’s the thing, I LOVE anything paranormal. I write it, I read it and I debate about Buffy until the cows come home (actually there’s no debate. The answer is Angel because everyone knows that Spike has a funny chin). The only thing I don’t like about is when it crosses over to the real world. As in, I don’t want to wake up surrounded by vampires or discover that my house is full of ghosts. And it’s not that I don’t believe there are other things out there, because I do. The problem is that I’m a mega-wimp who much prefers sparkles and glitters (see above) rather than being scared. But despite my fears I’m going to be brave and talk about something that happened to me when I was in my twenties.

My husband and I were having a drink in a bar in Dunedin (NZ) on a Saturday afternoon and I had to go to the bathroom. The place itself had once been a sports shop and the bar was on street level and down in the basement where the toilets were was also a nightclub. Because this was during the day, it was all deserted and I had to walk through a labyrinth of rooms to even find it. It was kind of spooky so I was already feeling unsettled. Then when I got to the bathroom I had the overwhelming feeling that the walls were covered in blood. It was everywhere and dripping down to the floor. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced and I immediately ran back upstairs and told my husband that we had to leave. He was stunned, especially since we’d just bought new drinks, but I just knew there was no way I could stay in that place for moment longer.

I found out the following day that people had long thought the building was haunted and that the previous owner had committed suicide down in the basement. I’ve had other smaller experiences with things but nothing else has come close to this. Needless to say that I never stepped foot into that place again.


So, I’d love to know if anyone else has had an overwhelming encounter like this? There’s a copy of my latest book, Demonosity, up for grabs and I’ll let Vanessa pick the answer that spooks her out the most!!! 

– Amanda


Today, there are two ways to be a winner:

1. Enter my Rafflecopter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon e-gift card and a Kindle copy of This Is Your Afterlife. Take a second to read the terms and conditions first.

2. Leave a comment below to win Amanda’s latest YA book, Demonosity. Amanda’s happy to ship the book internationally.

Good luck!

~ Vanessa

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tomorrow, the party will temporarily move to the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood blog. Shea Berkley has challenged me to Question or Dare. She’s so hilarious. The Paranormal Party will resume here on Saturday, October 25 US EDT. And guess who’s coming? Shea Berkley!

Nb. This post originally appeared on my old blog.


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