Paranormal Party Guest – Pintip Dunn

Welcome to my Paranormal Party*! I’m hosting a festival here right up until Halloween to celebrate the release of my first book This Is Your Afterlife. I’ve invited some very special YA writer friends. Together we’re throwing around a ton of confetti and sharing spooky stories. But there’s more! Enter my Rafflecopter giveaway, and you could win a $50 Amazon e-card and a Kindle copy of my debut novel!

Today’s guest is one of my esteemed critique partners, Golden Heart and agency sisters— the amazing Pintip Dunn. Please give her a HUGE welcome!

Pintip and I first met online when she was a finalist in the 2012 Golden Heart contest, and we’ve been writing, emailing and texting each other pretty much every day since! Entangled Teen recently acquired her debut sci-fi YA, Fit To Die, in a two-book hardcover deal. Her success is so well deserved. She’s incredibly focused and determined and, most of all, Talented. That’s right, with a capital ‘T’! I’m so excited about the world finally getting a chance to see her well-crafted and absorbing stories from 2015. Learn more about Pintip on her website and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter.

And now, here’s Pintip with her paranormal party post*!

 *Just giving you a heads-up — I’m partial to alliteration in blog posts.

Pintip Dunn

I am so excited to be kicking off Vanessa’s Paranormal Party! And even more thrilled that THIS IS YOUR AFTERLIFE is out in the wild. Vanessa’s ghosts in this YA novel are fascinating, complex, and funny. And okay, they’re pretty cute, too. I should know. I had the privilege of interviewing Jimmy (and his ghost interpreter) last week.

But not all ghosts are so much fun. Some of them are downright … spooky. Especially when they get up close and *way* too personal.

Last year, I misplaced my phone. Not such a surprise, since I’m constantly losing things. I checked all the usual places — kitchen counter, dresser, bathroom sink.


No worries. I made a second round, adding in more obscure spots. The shelf inside my closet. The ledge next to the toilet. Even my sock drawer.


Huh. The panic began to creep up my throat. I needed my phone. I do all of my writing on there, and I had  a major scene to finish. I took a deep breath and slowly, methodically retraced my steps.

Still nothing.

I checked the same places again. And again. And again.

My palms were burning, my nerves sweating. My heart was a woodpecker trying to jab its way out. I couldn’t lose my phone. My entire book was on there. I hadn’t transferred the files to my computer. Hadn’t backed them up in any way. If I didn’t find it, an entire year of my life would be gone.

I stopped in the guest room and lifted my eyes to the fan. “Please, god. Help me find this phone. I need my phone. I NEED IT. Please, oh please, oh please.”

When I finished praying, I immediately walked to my bathroom. I don’t know why. I’d already looked in there a dozen times. But this time, as my eyes skated past the toilet,  I saw a flash of green. I crouched down — and every hair on my body stood up. Because my phone was there. Sitting on a ledge *at the back* of my toilet. *Perfectly aligned* as if someone placed it there.

But who? My kids were already at school. I was alone in the house. If it had fallen there, why would it be perfectly aligned? Did I absent-mindedly place it there myself? Okay, so my thoughts are always wandering. But the idea that I would stretch my hand behind my toilet without knowing it is a but much. What’s more, I found it within seconds of praying.

So who placed my phone there? No clue. Any ideas are welcome. And maybe Vanessa can ask Jimmy the next time she talks to him.


Have you ever had a spooky, unexplainable experience? Please share. I will be giving one lucky commenter an e-copy of Vanessa’s fantastic book, THIS IS YOUR AFTERLIFE, as well as a Dead Sea Salt Scrub to ward off the spirits in your life.

– Pintip


How would you like to win some great prizes? There are two separate giveaways to enter:

1. Enter my Rafflecopter for your chance to nab your very own Kindle copy of This Is Your Afterlife plus a $50 Amazon e-gift card! Please take the time to read the terms and conditions. 

2. Have you ever had a spooky experience that you can’t explain? Leave a blog comment below for another chance to win an e-copy of This Is Your Afterlife plus Dead Sea Salt Scrub from Pintip.

Good luck to all!

~ Vanessa


Thanks for hanging out with me and Pintip today! Tomorrow, meet Amanda Ashby! She’ll be here to share a spooky tale all the way from New Zealand.

This post originally appeared at my old blog.


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