You Heard It Here First!

Or you will hear it. Very soon. What on earth am I talking about? An audiobook!!! My publisher, Bloomsbury, and Audible are publishing an audio version of my YA, This Is Your AfterlifeProduction has already started, and I can’t wait to hear the finished book.

I’m especially excited about this because as an audio describer for the blind and vision-impaired, I can appreciate just how valuable audiobooks are. (For those who don’t know what audio description is, my colleague Alison has a neat explanation on her blog.) Audiobooks are also great for those who find reading a challenge and for people who simply want to listen rather than read.


Do you enjoy audiobooks? Which books have you listened to recently?


4 thoughts on “You Heard It Here First!

  1. Vanessa, I love Audible! My daughter got a three-month subscription for Christmas, and we’ve really been enjoying listening to books together. I can’t wait to listen to yours! (although she may have to wait a few years – ha ha.)

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    1. Aw, Pintip, I love that you and your daughter enjoy Audible together! It’s so hard to believe one day she’ll (hopefully) listen to This Is Your Afterlife! I’m just really glad audiobooks make literature available to a wider audience — such a cool thing.


  2. Yay, Vanessa! I’ve never listened to books on tape at all. 😦 But I know so many people who do all the time. I guess the only time I could would be in the car, and then I have five noisy kids in there. I tried to listen to a book once on my road trip with Denny, but my mind kept floating away. I think I get distracted too easily! lol.

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    1. Lovely to see you here, Kim! I imagine it wouldn’t be easy to listen to an audiobook with so many other conversations going on in the car at once! I tried to listen to an audiobook while reading news online. It was impossible. Sometimes multitasking is a bad idea. 🙂 I’m currently listening to and loving an audiobook by my Bloomsbury sister Jen McConnel, The Secret of Isobel Key. I highly recommend it if you want to give audiobooks another whirl!


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