Author Advice from Annie West

In the acknowledgements of my book, you’ll find a thank-you to author Annie West, a long-time friend, chocolate supplier, and critique partner who’s had a huge effect on my development as a writer. Her advice is invaluable, and here she is at the London Harlequin office giving tips on writing for the Presents line:

“Give [your characters] a hard time, give them big problems to deal with. Get readers engaged so they love your characters too. If you’re not invested in those characters and what’s happening to them, the story is not going to go anywhere.” Annie West

Read more priceless writing advice on Annie’s website — her Time to Write article is one of my favourites! Annie’s latest Presents book, The Sultan’s Harem Bride, got an RT 4 1/2-star rating. An excerpt and buy links are all here.

Now, does anyone have some friendly advice on how to get pets away from keyboards? I’m trying to train mine to at least be productive while they’re on my laptop.


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