“I’m your density.” – George McFly

It’s October 21, 2015 right now in Australia, a red-letter date that any Back to the Future fan worth their flux capacitor has chiselled into their brain. Yep, Marty McFly, Doc Brown and Jennifer Parker are due to arrive from 1985 any minute. It’s not a hoax this time. I’m standing by on my hoverboard, and pizza will be ready in a jiffy thanks to my instant food hydrator.

In the original BTTF, Marty jumps into a DeLorean which is actually a plutonium-fuelled time machine, zooms off and, when he hits 88mph, winds up in the year 1955. He interacts with his future parents and sets off a chain of events that could destroy his very existence. That’s heavy. It’s one of my top two ’80s movies — so much tension, action, suspense, comedy, science, and (a dubious) romance! Even Alan Silvestri’s film score gets my heart pumping. In Back to the Future II, Marty must travel to the future — to October 21, 2015, today! — to save his wayward kids.


Here’s a scene from Back to the Future Part II:

For me, Back to the Future Part I is the original and the best in the trilogy. I have such a soft spot for Marty’s lovesick dad, George “I’m your density” McFly.

A blast from the past — the original trailer.

Is there a cringe-worthy event or interaction you’d like to go back to and delete from your history? What inventions do you hope to see in 30 years’ time? Who’s your favourite BTTF character?


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