NaNoWriMo – Day 24

Day 24! Yesterday, I wrote 2,018 words. (Yes, I deliberately stopped there because it’s the year 2018.) Then my boss treated me to the ‘Jersey Boys’ musical, which we’ve both seen in various cities around the world. It’s so worth seeing over and over again. We had second-row seats, but the seats directly in front of us were empty. Perhaps those ticket-holders were busy doing NaNoWriMo.

My playlist song of the day is ‘Walk Like a Man’ by the Four Seasons. Check out the cool kids dancing in the clip below. Two things I’ll have to do once NaNo is over — see the ‘Jersey Boys’ movie and rewatch ‘Heart and Souls’, in which Robert Downey Jr and co sing ‘Walk Like a Man’. Magic!

Download ‘Walk Like a Man’ by the Four Seasons on iTunes.


Rent ‘Heart and Souls’ on YouTube. (Warning – the preview starts with loud yelling.)


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