NaNoWriMo – Day 28

Day 28! Yesterday, after work, I stepped outside of the NaNo bubble and experienced real life with some dear friends, including fellow writer and chocolate enthusiast Annie West.   Later, I put down 100 words, which is 100 more than I expected to write!

Today’s playlist song of the day was written by Lucy Schwartz and performed by Clare Bowen (aka Scarlett O’Connor in the series ‘Nashville’). This song means a lot to me, and Clare’s stripped-back rendition makes me wanna cry. I believe it was recorded at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, where I once saw a bluegrass show. That was the same whirlwind trip where I flew about 20 hours from Sydney, and within an hour of landing was at an outdoor Duran Duran/Nile Rogers gig. I was six rows from the front. It was rainy. It was stormy. But the show went on. Made friends with a lovely couple from Arkansas (I think?) who offered me a poncho. Careless memories!

Download this live version of ‘Black Roses’ from iTunes.

Bonus track – ‘Careless Memories’ by Duran Duran. Download it here.


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